As I lay with my legs in stirrups,
the gynecologist says:
“Your ovaries are stunning!”
I think, she must say that to all the girls.

I imagine my ovaries on display
in a modern art museum--
the halogen lighting practically burns them.
The two white orbs rest in the palms
of the fallopian tube.
That is stunning, I guess.

Lachrista Greco has been writing poetry since the age of seven. She has published poetry in print and on the web at Mad City Poets and Chicago Write City Magazine. To learn more about Lachrista, please visit her website, Rebel Grrrl Italiana.

Something spooky: When I was little, around age 5 or so, I ran downstairs late on Christmas Eve, looked in the living room, and saw a person standing there. I thought it was Santa, so I ran into my parent's bedroom to tell them--they both told me to go to sleep. I look back now thinking, "Wow, that was probably a burglar." This creeps me out!