Cell-Phone Hugs

Ampersand clouds-- dove strokes, doves
surrounded us

The city was where perception met perception;
the airplane did not crash
this time around.  Typewriter impressions on the wind

paragraphs, teeth clicks

“We are merely pedestrians in search of love”

without regard for mailboxes--that's how we do things
these days and what.

Feliz Lucia Molina lives and teaches in Buffalo, NY. Her work has appeared in Shampoo #39, Dark Sky Magazine, Titular, Corrugated Press, Weird Deer, and others.

Here is something spooky: One time, out of spite for my elders, I banged on the walls of our house. The elders said to never knock on walls at night because 'it' will knock back. One night I was sitting on a toilet downstairs by the front door. I remembered what my elders said. I was being a bitchy ten or twelve year old and knocked hard to banging. And seriously, the walls banged back. No one else was home besides my cousin who was in the bathroom with me.